Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Evening Primrose Dress by Terra's Treasures

I decided that I needed to experience being a pattern tester, especially as I am now a pattern designer myself! My first three purse patterns taught me a lot, but I still wanted to get that tester experience.  So when the opportunity came recently to test the Evening Primrose Dress pattern for Terra's Treasures, I jumped on it, even though it was the week before Christmas.

First I picked some beautiful plaid fabric. It was a dreary day for photography, but this pond made me think of a Scottish moor.

 My 2.5yo had so much fun with these photographs.  I actually had to drag her inside kicking and screaming because she had so much fun.

This was the second dress I made her.  It was drizzling, and I thought the umbrella would be a great prop.  And it was! I love how these turned out.

 Terra made some adjustments to the pattern and I wanted to try a different size, so I made one for my older daughter.  She's close to 8, but fits into a size 6.  We're shorties! She was gravitating towards really froufrou fabrics that were making me cringe, so I had to work to get her to want a different sort of dress.  She fell in love with this cream suedecloth, and I suggested the cheetah print (cheetah anything is her favorite) because otherwise she would have picked neon or something to go underneath, ha.


 It look great! She loves this dress.  This was the coldest day in weeks and she had just been diagnosed with her second pneumonia diagnoses in a month, so we kept it quick.

 I love the brushed gold buttons!
Buy the pattern here.

Recent makes for me!

I've made some really nice clothes for myself lately.  This Lisse Cowl from Terra's Treasures was one of the first patterns I've made for myself that I truly LOVE the result.  I can't believe how much I like it and how flattering it us.

 I made it again in sweater fleece.  I actually found the hoodie too confining around my neck because this fabric is sweatshirt fleece--very little stretch and thick too.  I went back and cut off the hoodie and used a normal band neckline. Still one of my favorite patterns.
 So this is what happen when I try to get my husband to take photos.  He can't quite figure out flattering angles! This is my first version of the Stitch Upon a Time Goldilegs. I really love this pattern. 
 I ended up making two other versions with various alterations, my third is my favorite. You can't really see the pants in this picture, but I included it because you can see the Hey June Lane Raglan I made. This shirt needs some alterations for full bust, but I still wear it all the time because it's so comfy.
 Back of the pants.
 I can't find my picture of my second pair, they are teal though, which is a departure for me from my normal neutrals. Speaking of departure, I went kind of flashy with this third set of Goldilegs.  I saw a tester with this fabric, and then saw it at Joanns, so I had to get it!  I made the perfect amount of alterations on these and they are my favorite pants.  I wear them as often as I can get away with it!  Maybe a little too much--I wore them with the gray raglan above once and forgot, and ended up wearing them to my kids' school--too many rectangles!
 This shirt is also one of my favorites.  It's the Shwin and Shwin Carolina Tee. I enjoyed this pattern a lot.  I did have to make alterations for full bust and because the arm was really tight.  Trust me, altering the armscye on a pattern with irregular seams isn't a picnic!  I like this result, though.

 This was an earlier version of this pattern.
 And this is the Peekaboo Pattern City Chic top.  I don't like it, can't recommend it.
 This is another pattern I simply love.  The Cashmerette Washington Dress. It's a fairly new pattern company designed for plus-size, curvy women.  I like the design, and additionally, it's nice for my self-esteem to be on the lower end of the offered sizes as opposed to the high end! I simply love this teal lace too, and the yoke is a flocked scuba knit that I also love.
 This pattern was a surprise.  It's a German pattern, the Alegra from Das Milchmonster. I had to use Google Translate, but the pictures were pretty clear so I didn't need to use it much.  I love everything about this pattern.  I fully lined it for warmth and I love the result.  It's incredibly flattering on me.
 If I look sickly and out of it in these pictures, it's for good reason.  I was sick for much of December and finished this on a day my husband was out of town and my kids were driving me nuts. It's the Harbor Hoodie by Terra's Treasures.  So comfy and perfect for lounging around the house.  I wear it all the time.

I did mostly kid sewing for several weeks, and then finally got to use my new serger from Christmas on an item for myself! This is the Irena Sweater from Itch to Stitch.
I love it. It's so comfortable.  There are a few problems--I started doing alterations but couldn't remember everything I did once I actually got around to cutting and sewing.  If I make it again, and I'm thinking I probably will, I need to make a dart on the sides of the bust to get rid of those wrinkles.  But I feel like it's comfy and flattering, and I have some great knit fabrics I bought recently that I need to use while it's still cold!

Some recent makes--kids

I've really been on a clothes-making spree for awhile.  It pretty much coincides with the release of my two frame clutches! I finally had time to devote to personal projects and then went a little crazy.  First, I'll show off some of my the things I've made for my kids, then the clothes for myself.  Most of these photos are mediocre quality--I get too impatient to set up nice photos! But one of my next posts will be devoted to just one pattern that I tested, and I took some incredibly cute photos of my kids (not that I'm biased...)
First off, here are my kids' Halloween costumes.  I made these cloaks from the Big Little Unisex Cape Bundle. I bought the patches and Gryffindor ties.  My kids loved these costumes so much.  My husband and I bought Ravenclaw costumes and we went as a bunch of Hogwarts students--we got a lot of compliments!

I made my daughter two tunics from the Heidi and Finn Tulip Tunic and Dress pattern. Honestly, I don't think she's worn them more then once or twice each.  For one, I didn't measure her, I just went by what I thought her size was.  It's too big, but the band at the bottom makes it rise up to her hips. 
 I made her these patches with my embroidery machine.
 This is the Tulip tunic as well.  She likes it because of the sparkle fabric, but it has the same riding up issue. If I made this again, I would do away with the band.

 This is the Bimaa Sweater by LouBee Clothing. I made this a little big as well, but it's a slim-fitting pattern and the fabric doesn't have much stretch, so it works out well.  She wears this shirt about every other day! I really like this pattern.
 And this is the same pattern.  She loves the cowl, and this is a really soft sweater fabric, so it's another favorite.
 My kids caught me in a weak moment, they had to wear certain colors one day at school as a part of Spirit Week, and I agreed to make them each something. This is the Library Cardigan by Little Lizard King.  Now, here's a confession: I find the most of the example cardigans in the listing absolutely hideous.  So much so that they almost kept me from buying it. I think they do not do justice to this pattern.  It's actually really cute.  I'd make it again.  I did fully line it, because it's a thin, see-through knit, and I'm really happy with the results.  You can't see it here, but I did excellent stripe-matching. :)
 Whoops, really blurry picture here.  My son is very bouncy.  This is the ADVTee from Sofilantjes Patterns.  This was a new designer to me until recently and I really like her patterns.  This tee has a fun Option B that I'm going to be making this week for my daughter.  My son just wanted a simple red shirt with white neckline, and this was perfect.
 I made two shirts from her Omni Tempore pattern. My son chose these fabrics.  He likes orange and green, and the brighter the better!
He didn't want a pocket, and is still kind of fixated on the fact that I put one in there anyway.  He likes it though.

I also made my son a suit for his birthday. These are both patterns from Peekaboo Patterns.  Here's another confession--I don't really like her patterns anymore.  There are several reasons, and these two patterns are a large part of it.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the only boys suit coat pattern out there.  If you want to make a suit, I'd read up on welt pockets elsewhere and be prepared with a lot of patience.
 The pants.  Wish I had read the zipper instructions elsewhere too.  These weren't that great.
 Anyway, he likes it and wears it all the time.  Of course, a month after he got it, he skinned a hole in the knee, and I told him I wouldn't make him another pair of pants, but I may need to eat my words, since I don't want to patch them and I have plenty of extra fabric.  I don't think I will use this pattern though.
 These pajamas were one of my best Christmas gifts to my kids.  They like a tv show called PJ Masks, about three kids who turn into superheroes at night, dressed in their pajamas.  I used the Bimaa pattern for my daughters and Omni Tempore pattern for my son.  For all of them I used the Fancy Pants Leggings pattern by Titchy Threads. I bought the masks off of Etsy.