Monday, July 18, 2016

New Release and New Blog

Today is the release day of my newest pattern, the Kitty Rose Purse! It's also the launch of my new website! And part of my new website is a new blog. So this sadly neglected little blog is going to be even more neglected.  But I'm very proud of my new website, so go check it out!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pattern Release: New Tote on the Block

Announcing the release of my newest pattern: The New Tote on the Block! This color block tote comes in two sizes and has multiple color blocking options. It has either a magnetic snap closure or a zipper closure. You can purchase it here on Etsy, or over on Craftsy.

You can use one of these color blocking options, or even make just a plain tote with no piecing (beginners might like that option).  I include multiple pocket options and instructions so you can get just the right pocket configuration to fit your needs. 

My testers came up with some awesome versions of this purse. 

This fantastic pleather version is by Anne Verberckmoes.
Bethany Mitchell:
"This pattern is great for beginners and more advances sewists. The options range from very simple to elaborate, making it really fun! I can tell this is a pattern I will sew time and again!"

Carol Thomas sewed both sizes!
This lovely version by Celia Oliver shows how great this purse also works without color blocking.  This option is great for a purse maker without a lot of experience!
I love this simple version by Cindy Parrett.  The wide stripes are a classic look.
Glenys Binstead: "Toriska's New Tote on the Block is a funky new Tote in 2 sizes with as many different looks as a Chameleon. It is a pattern with designs that can be made by novices and experts alike. The choices offered in both looks and practicality (several pocket designs, two closure options, many different exterior options) ensures that this pattern will appeal to many different tastes, which makes it real value for money! I bet you can't make just one......"
I love Helen Wilson's beautiful fabric choices.

Here is Ira Diyanti's large tote, and a nice shot of the interior.  This version has the long top zipper closure.

Jennifer Moya: "I was lucky enough to test the New tote on the block. The many panel options (front and back) and add-on pockets meant I could really personalized this tote to my exact needs. It was a fun and easy sew. I have had many compliments on my tote asking where I bought it from. I have already started cutting out my next two!! The possibilities are endless. "
Julie Milson: "I have enjoyed taking part in the tester pattern for this bag being my very first tester The pattern is great to use with the photos and Tori is always there to help if you get stuck.

Liz Gilmartin: "Love this pattern! The shape and color-blocking options makes this a fun and unique sew. I think beginners will especially love this pattern since it offers lots of pocket and color-blocking how-to's to help learn and hone their skills!"
Lori Peoples: "The New Tote on the Block is so versatile, the hardest part is deciding how you want your tote to look. The pattern has many options - you can start with quick and easy then move up to a more involved bag. There is something for everyone!"
I love these fabric choices in Lynne Wambeek's version!
Maxine MacNeill: "When one finds a pattern that is so unique as this one is it is one that you will make over and over - time and time again."

Namrata Shroff: "This bag is just amazing , big enough to carry my everyday stuff. The instructions are well written. It's a very easy and quick sew. Love this bag."

Nicole Johnstone picked some awesome colors and fabric combinations in her large tote.
Piera Lotito: "Very fun pattern with lots of options to be creative.
Clear and concise and easy to follow. Very easy for a beginner :)"
Rajyalaxmi Pradeep: "Congratulations on yet another wonderful pattern. The possibilities with this pattern are many. I thoroughly enjoyed making it."

Saar Mertens: "So many options! Such a beautiful pattern to use over and over again! Very clear instructions, diagrams and pictures for every step, I love it 😀"
Sandie Larsen created this version of the small tote with one of my favorite color combinations.

Shayna Kalish (and her excellent photography!) made the small tote and zipper top, with another set of great fabric choices.
And last, (only by virtue of this being in alphabetical order by first name!), Tammy Jo Halbig: "I absolutely loved sewing this pattern. It lets you be creative in so many ways. Because of all the views this pattern offers, combined with all the different fabric prints available,  no two bags from this pattern will ever be alike.
If you like instant gratification this pattern is for you. If you love a classy/beautiful design this pattern is for you. If you like to actually smile while you sew this pattern is for you. It was so much fun to make."

Thanks to all of my awesome testers, who provided such helpful feedback and made such beautiful bags! The pattern will be on sale for $6 for the weekend only, then up to its normal price of $8 on Tuesday. Purchase on Etsy or Craftsy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Evening Primrose Dress by Terra's Treasures

I decided that I needed to experience being a pattern tester, especially as I am now a pattern designer myself! My first three purse patterns taught me a lot, but I still wanted to get that tester experience.  So when the opportunity came recently to test the Evening Primrose Dress pattern for Terra's Treasures, I jumped on it, even though it was the week before Christmas.

First I picked some beautiful plaid fabric. It was a dreary day for photography, but this pond made me think of a Scottish moor.

 My 2.5yo had so much fun with these photographs.  I actually had to drag her inside kicking and screaming because she had so much fun.

This was the second dress I made her.  It was drizzling, and I thought the umbrella would be a great prop.  And it was! I love how these turned out.

 Terra made some adjustments to the pattern and I wanted to try a different size, so I made one for my older daughter.  She's close to 8, but fits into a size 6.  We're shorties! She was gravitating towards really froufrou fabrics that were making me cringe, so I had to work to get her to want a different sort of dress.  She fell in love with this cream suedecloth, and I suggested the cheetah print (cheetah anything is her favorite) because otherwise she would have picked neon or something to go underneath, ha.


 It look great! She loves this dress.  This was the coldest day in weeks and she had just been diagnosed with her second pneumonia diagnoses in a month, so we kept it quick.

 I love the brushed gold buttons!
Buy the pattern here.